Maybe, it's the stress from travelling or the lack of sleep. But I feel so cold, and abandoned. I feel like I'm losing my life--figuratively of course. My work is my only redemption from not thinking so much of my worries when it comes to my family and the other people I love. Problems with work seems easy when I know that I can lean on my family. But when my family is the one threatened--I don't know where to turn to.

My head is aching from thinking and worrying too much. Tears are the product of my only outlet.

I can laugh. I can do my work. I can even share a joke. But I can't smile right now.

Just when you're thinking that things will finally work out for you, something will happen to screw up everything you've hoped for. But still...I'll try to build again my dreams.

Sorry for this sad post.


yayam said...

hello jassy. :) have a great week too..everything's gonna be ok.:)

fjl said...

Something will happen to save you, I feel sure. You are a good person xx

jassy said...



jamie said...

hey sis! ganyan talaga... you have to take the good with the bad. or else you'll never appreciate where you are...


tin said...

hi jassy! hope you find more reasons to smile this week. ganyan talaga. we all go through rough times, but you'll surpass it, i'm sure. hang in there. :)

Lica said...

It's true. Ok lang pag nasa labas ang problema, atleast you can find comfort in your family. Pero iba na pag sa family mismo ang may prob, parang di mo na alam kung saan ka pupunta.

Ive been through that rin, and prayers have helped me stay strong. I hope ganun din sayo. You have my prayers. Trials lang yan to help you become a better person.

Take care. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Jassy,
I so know what and how you feel. There are days when things really suck, but take it one day at a time. Things will get better, eventually they do.

Enjoy the rainy day,

MALDITAH said...

i'm sure things will be ok.. take care :)

yen said...

it's all part of life, sometime we have to go through some difficult times, but we need not to give up.. life goes on...

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