Scrub Suits

Good thing Ate Myra brought lots of scrub suits. Now I won't have to buy one.

Anyway, I read my entries on July 2005 and by the way I wrote about life, I seemed to be someone wise and someone who really knows life. I was more mature then. I asked myself how did it happen? I am supposed to be more mature now than before. I have several answers and I know that they are the real answers and I am not just suffering from memory loss.

The challenges given to me back then is different from what I am handling now. I'm back to basic right now. New challenges. New lessons. So I cannot really be sure if I still know the lessons of before. And I am not in pain now. When you're in pain, wisdom emerges. There is beauty in pain. And for sure, strength and wisdom will come out when the situation calls for them.

Last night I had a fun time playing with Gab. Gab, my 2nd degree nephew, is the favorite baby of Raymond. Last night he was not with me. And when I carried Gab he was really staring at me, like he was trying to figure out who I was. Maybe, he was also missing Raymond. Anyway, Gab is still cute and he made my night fun.


Lica said...

ako rin, i need scrub suits :)

somehow I agree, pag in pain ka, mas napapaisip ka at dun mo mas narerealize yung mga bagay na di mo nakikita nung nasa normal kang pagiisip, and it does make you stronger. People should get hurt more often para magmature..heheh joke lang :D

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