Dreaming and Loving

From now on, I will live my dream. Life is too short to wait for the "right" moment to act on my dreams which have always been a dream eversince I can remember. I am excited. I really hope that all of my dreams will now be true.

Speaking of dreams, I have this long time crush and he's on several of my dreams (panaginip). What's weird is that in all of my dreams about him, we are always happy, sweet, and in love with each other. But in reality, we're just friends. He has other interests and I am loving someone else. But I like having those dreams. They keep me sane. And I don't think by having those dreams I'm being unfaithful to my bf. They're just dreams.

I've changed the colors of this blog. I'm bored.

I also realized something about myself: If I see or feel something wrong, I will surely rant about it the first time it happens. Maybe not directly but I will surely let it out.

Self-check: I still know how to depend on myself. But I still love him. And I am happy because of that. If loving him is all wrong, then I don't know. Maybe I am doomed. But I think there's nothing wrong with loving someone who loves you more. Just know the limitation and always say no to the invitations of evil and maybe, just maybe, everything will be all right.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Kai said...

Hi Jassy. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm not a pharmacist, just yet. Of course, we can exchange links. Enjoy the weekend! (:

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