The Beautiful Ones

As much as I hate to admit it, I have to return to Single's For Christ. Maybe I'll join in a different chapter. I hope this time they'll really win me.

Anyway, things are better nowadays because I am quite successful in quitting to be a bitch at work. My patience has long been gone when it comes to hard customers--I'm even harder--more difficult. But not anymore. I'm tired. And so finally I've found where my patience is. I'm holding on to it. I hope I won't lose it again.

It's the 99th foundation day of my alma mater/workplace. And though I wanted to join in the celebration, I couldn't because I'm always on duty. Anyway, my workplace looks festive and I feel good just by looking at the decorations and the improvement in its buildings.


jamie said...

hey sis, curious lang where do you work ba. naintriga ako sa work and alma mater at the same time...

join SFC.. its fun! kaso nga lang when i did, mejo na-busy sa school kaya ngayon mejo inactive... ;-p

jamie said...

oh by the way, im currently not using my blogger account.

here's my web page: http://jemv.blogs.friendster.com/

kitakits sa mansion!

thinz said...

hi sis.. just dropping by :) have a great weekend :)

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