Couldn't Get Over

I can't get over HOUSE. It's the best of all the doctor-related shows I've watched. Good thing I am always off-duty every monday so I can watch it on AXN. But this September I will have the usual duty just like most of the office people so I won't be able to go home and watch it. I'm planning on buying seasons 1 and 2 of that.

I am enjoying the company of my co-pharmacists at work. Maybe because I will be leaving them this September. I'll be transferring to another area. After two years, I'll be adjusting again. This time, the area will be full of difficult customers. Goodluck to me. But I can handle it. I won't be fighting them. And if I have to, well, my tongue is still at its sharpest. But I hope I won't have to use that.

I'm enjoying their company. Thank you God.

And I can't get over PINK--the color. It's still very much present in my layout. Pansin nyo ba? Hehe...


Kai said...

I love House. I don't watch it regularly, my brother just got me into it. It's a great show. I absolutely think it's bullshit that Hugh Laurie didn't get an Emmy nod. Oh well.

yen said...

im not familiar w/ HOUSE, but it sounds interesting. have to check our cable kng meron nian. hehe.

happy wkend :)

thinz said...

happy weekend! just dropping by

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