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Death spares no one. When it's your time, it's your time. It's inevitable and uncontrollable. One of the constant images one could see in my workplace is the drama of life--the angel of life and the angel of death constantly and actively doing their job. If I had a thrid eye, I would surely see them accompanying those who would survive and those who would not.

I am used to seeing patients come in and out of my workplace. But I still couldn't get immune to the pain and sympathy I have for these people, no matter how difficult they are. I guess no one can be immune to pain. No amount of pain relievers could take the pain away. Seeing people cry just destroy the wall I build around myself.

I know I shouldn't be surprised about seeing death in others--especially if they're one of the patients. But it is just so unnatural to see a doctor or an employee dying. They are supposed to save the patients and not the other way around. But then, as I've written, death spares no one.

It's scary to think of death. But we have to face it sooner or later. I just hope that I will get to do whatever it is that I still want to do before facing it.


Debbie said...

it is scary to think that we have to face it at one point in our lives. but i think if live our lives to the fulles, we wouldn't have any regrets and hesitations when we face the final hour.

take care jassy!

fjl said...

Extremely good analogy, bang at the heart of old European legend, beautifully put. Very proud of you xx
have you read The Drac and his Nanny? Over on my blog on the sidebar.

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