My cousins from the states who spent their vacation here left already this morning. And mo matter how long we're used to being far apart, seeing them, spending time with them, catching up, and then them leaving again, gave us that sad feeling.

Goodbyes are always painful. They are always sad.

But with goodbyes come another beginning. Here's to a new and brighter tomorrow. Until we see each other again. Thank you and we'll certainly miss you.


fjl said...

Glad you had a great time; those types off friends stay with you always. x

yen said...

i hate goodbyes too.. ung mga cuzins ko dn sa abroad sobrang tagal ko ng d nkkta asin years2 na tlga.. nagkaanak n cla dun hndi ko p naki2ta mga bebe nla waaaaaaaaahhh..

happy wkend :)

tin said...

me too. i don't think i handle goodbyes very well. but as they say, goodbyes are only temporary. give us room to appreciate other people more.

pobs said...

sweet hello's, sad goodbye's..
it's always the case but it's not the last naman..soon they will come back or who knows you'l visit them there instead..

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