Unexpected Party

Yesterday the morning shift was just ending and we already had more than 4 angry customers for not answering their queries on the spot because they did not have their number yet or it was not their turn. I blew it off with a customer using the microphone being used to call out the customer numbers. I was in a straight duty yesterday.

I was not the only one with that experience that day. Maam Leah had hers--her first customer pa naman. And so we all concluded that that day was different. People were kind of in a bad mood. I blamed it on the heat.

And then after our efforts together, we were able to serve all our customers. Then fun started to happen.

It was supposed to be Malou's birthday the following day and she said that she wanted Mr. Chips. I think she asked Zy to buy her Mr. Chips. She even added some bucks to buy a liter of coke. And then we had the idea of collecting 20 peso bill so we could buy pansit canton. Everyone of us chipped in. Chris gave the highest amount and it let us buy loads of pansit canton, some bread and 2 bottles of softdrinks.

In the end, we were able to celebrate Malou's brithday and we satisfied our stomach.


thinz said...

that's nice nman.. at least the day ended with a smile :)

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