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I've been busy watching House on DVD. I finished the first season and I'm still in the middle of the 2nd season. I feel so good because of this. It's like I'm eating the biggest Toblerone alone. Yum!

Speaking of, I'm also currently chewing on a very big chunk of a challenge/mission. I've been mentioning this over and over again. But the thing is, I really don't want to be in this situation. I am thrown into this. I know I always have the choice to do whatever I want. But somehow, I feel trapped. I just hope I'll be successful in the end.

I always want to think of myself as a superhero or an angel. I even told one of my co-worker about the vision I've had before--that I would be helping the poor and the hopeless. That was why I wanted to be a missionary--to be sent to places like Africa. But then, when this thing finally started, I realized that it is hard. And I don't want to be a superhero or an angel anymore. But I am called to do this. I sometimes feel stupid for not doing what is practical (thus, the title on my last post). But then most of the time, I am thankful for this situation. It may be difficult but it shapes my character. I may not be someone who attends the mass everyday, but I can feel God's presence. I feel that God is in my life. I feel privileged to be given this responsibility. I just hope I won't screw this up just like most of the challenges that come my way.

Expect that I will be writing more about this mission. Anyway, back to House. I really, really like his character. I am so into him that before I go to sleep after watching it, I can't help but review the episodes I've watched and the conditions of the patients. I can think of 4 reasons why I really like it:

Dr. House, MD

House is rude and mean. He has so many rough edges. I can somehow see myself in him. I am not exactly charming. And I can be very rude and very mean. He's miserable just like me. But despite that is a character. He is not bad at all.

House (Hugh Laurie) looks like Raymond. Hehe...

The cases are presented in a way that will let you think. A puzzle for doctors, and additional info for other health workers. If cases are presented like this in real life, then studying it will be so much fun.

Okay, and my very reason why I like this show is because I am inlove with Clinical Pharmacy. It is an area of pharmacy where you are expected to check the medicines of a patient. You should watch out for the adverse drug reactions and the drug interactions. You are also allowed to check on whether the doctor is giving the right drug to the right patient. It allows you to think and not just memorize a process. Every case is different. That is why it's exciting. You can give me a case and I can very well handle it. Of course, I don't know much but I know where to look--the references and how to look for them. I would have been doing a clinical pharmacy work (instead of just plain dispensing) if I could just get over my fear of getting sick and infecting my family. That was why when they offered me a position in clinical pharmacy, I declined. But this fear cannot erase my love for cp. And the show is very much like working on a case.

Enough of House, I have to go back to reality.


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