Saturday Morning

It's already September. I am way happier now than last year. But I was fatter now than last year. Anyway, I am really looking forward to the holidays. I hope Christmas and New Year will be happy now. My summer sucked that's why I am hoping for a better holidays.

I started working in my new area yesterday. And the only advantage that i can live with whilke working there for another year or more is that I'll have no night duty from now on. And my work will be from Monday to Friday and i will have my holidays at the right days. however, I don't think i won't have the usual stops for rest while on duty. peeing is even a nuisance because there is a constant number of people waiting to be served everyday. And the customers are notorious--they can eat you alive, threaten you, or fool you. Syndicates are rampant. Oh well...

Don't get me wrong. I am thankful for this job. And it's about time that I should do something different. I've been doing the same job for two years now and so far my career has been stagnant. i need a change of environment and God has been good to me that's why He allowed me this new job in the same company.

Last night, Raymond, surprisingly, fetched me from work. We watched a movie for the first time. Devil Wears Prada was the chosen one.

The movie made me think of my dream job. My dream job is having my own cubicle/table, a computer, can wear clothes that I want to wear, where i can be financially stable, and those which requires analysis. I still can't think of a specific job that has all these which means that I still don't know what I really want with my life--careerwise.

That's just about it. i'm going home to watch my favorite series.


aCey said...

i'm happy that yore september is happier than last year's. i can't wait to see the devil wears prada! take care, ate jassy! bisita mo rin ako sa blog ko, ha. hehe.

tin said...

nice to hear that jassy. i hope the next few months will be happier as well.

buti ka pa, nakanood ka na ng movie. wanted to watch that one too. :)

thinz said...

i hope the next months coming will be happier for you too... i wanna watch that movie too.. was it good?

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