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It's my first time to run across taft so as not to be late for my 2nd day of work in my new area. Exhausted from that unexpected jog, I was even early. Later, during lunchtime issuing meds, Jessa, Jhonna, and Zy stopped by to see me. I was really touched for taking their time to see if I was having a hard time or if I was enjoying my stay there. They were teasing me that I was blooming. That I was better there than in main. And then later that afternoon, Malou and Jessa came by. And then Jhonna and Brent. They were checking that someone I told them about and they showed me the ultrasound of their baby. Brent commented something akward and embarrassing about my current fascination. I just don't want to be judged.

I am not the type to fool around anymore. I am just enjoying the view. And besides, last night I decided something that will affect my future forever. All I can say is, I am on the path to being satisfied with my life that I would rather eliminate the hindrances to that rather than take that complicated path.

Anyway, I miss the people from main.

Yesterday, prior to my realization I've just mentioned above, I really enjoyed sitting in our sofa upstairs while watching the latest season of Gilmore Girls. I could live like that forever. I don't want anymore complications.

I don't want anymore complications.


yen said...

who would want complications in life? i am soooo sick of complications but i guess it's all part of life.. it's a reminder that we are vulnerable, and that we are ALIVE.

enjoy ur new job :)

jamie said...

heya sis... i relocated. you can follow me through this link. from now on, i'll be using this instead of the frienster blog... thanks!!!

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