My Friday Night Gimmick

I just came from a friday night gimmick! Yipee! At last! After a week full of troubleshooting and dealing with the most difficult of customers--dinner with Jack, Zy, and Ces. We ate at Chef. Just like my other gimmick with college blockmates.

We talked about work of course. What's new and all the bloopers in our work. I was glad to know that my former supervisor were asking how I was doing at my new area. Concern! I'm glad.

I was telling them how exhausting to work in my new area. Then they commented that it was exhausting but I seemed to be gaining weight instead of losing it. I told them they were right that was because although I couldn't eat in between breaks, when I did eat--I eat A LOT and chocolate is always on my diet--sugar and more sugar!!!

I am just glad for the opportunity to be with my friends.


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