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Love really moves in mysterious ways. It can change you whether you like it or not. You cannot choose it, it chooses you. Loving sometimes hurts but it will always be beautiful. To live is to love. And in life, we need to commit mistakes just so we can learn an important lesson. Risks should be taken so we can know that life is sweeter when there is bitterness around. And lately, I have also learned that life is full of miracles. And these miracles make us hope for the best.

Last night I have read my most recent journal. And I have realized that I have changed--for the better. It's exciting. It gives me hope. Although it seems that I'm stuck here to where I am, I know that life is capable of a change. I just have to wait for the right time. I just have to let myself be ripened--to mature so I can really be the best that I can be.

I don't have anything to share about movies, books, or whatever. I am hibernating--hiding inside my cocoon. I feel like I'm becoming a more beautiful person. Feeling butterfly ako--haha!

I have also been thinking about my 100 Dreams. So far, I have listed 50. I still have to think of another 50.

And little by little, I have been crossing out my lists of why I am such an angry person. I think it's okay.


yayam said...

hello jassy. :) sabi ng teacher ko noon, love is a decision..hehe..:p have a great day! :D

fjl said...

I've still got a long list ! x

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