Bennie and the Jets

I don't know if opening up yourself to friends is always right. Issues that I just wish would evaporate in the air resurfaces. Issues that I am not really ready to face, but the question is--when will it be the right time?

I am listening to this controversial song right now by MC Sniper. But don't worry I'm far from being suicidal. I just want to listen to the song although I can't understand the lyrics. It reminds me of the Japanese movies/shows when the scene is dramatic--this song is similar to those music.

Anyway, I met up with highschool friends and I've open myself with them. Of course, being good friends that they are, they told me what they should tell me. I know what I should do but I don't know when I should do it, anyway, if there's one thing I've learned from meeting and opening up with them is that life should be enjoyed. Life is full of beautiful moments. It should be cherished. We may think that we're in deep s*** but when we look around, other people has far greater problems. But it doesn't mean that those people are more pitiful than we are, it only means that they are stronger. It's not how big or small a trial is--it's in how you face it, how you carry it, how you let it shape your life.

And since my issues resurfaces, I just have to say that the truth hurts. But I am constantly praying that God will finally come to save me. That He understands. That He isn't angry. And if it's any consolation, my soul has always been grieving.


Kai said...

Don't worry, girl, shit happens to everyone. God wouldn't give you something to shoulder if He knows you'd benefit nothing and only hurt you in the end. You'll get through it.

jassy said...


I really hope so...thanks!

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