Goodbye Bachelorette No. 2

Yesterday, my dear cousin Moneth walked down the aisle. And I couldn't help but remember my conversation with them several years ago. Jeng, Moneth, Kristel and I talked about our plans of getting married. Jeng, Moneth, and I planned on getting married earlier that year. Then last January, Jeng got married. Yesterday, Moneth got married. Now people are telling me that I am next. And instead of being happy and excited about it--I am afraid--SO AFRAID. I am not commit-o-phobic, it's just that I am not ready. And besides, when I told them about my plan--I was still committed to my ex but then my ex is now my ex. And so I shouldn't be included yet in the list.

Anyway, the wedding went well. I was again included in the entourage. I was the cord girl. There were bloopers that made the occasion quite happy. However, the celebration ended right away just before lunch. The wedding was at 8 in the morning, that's why..

Hmmm...another to be cut off from the list of people to be asked on gimmicks.

Anyway, I'm still enjoying my freedom from all the stuff concerning that. And I am even challenging God about something. Sure, I can take it--let His will be done. Until the time is right God. Until the time is right.

Other Bachelorettes:



Baby Liza
Baby Liza

My baby sister
Osang. Oh she's not included in the list yet. I object. She should finish her studies first.

And of course, me!


jamie said...

i couldn't have said it any better...

"until the time is right God? until that time... we'll wait."

wishing, hoping and praying...

xx, jme

tin said...

i myself have a friend who's getting married in december.

i am turning 27 next month. i am single. i don't have a normal lovelife.

should i be worried now? =)

our time will come, hopefully sooner than ten years. hehe..

yen said...

ure not alone my dear, like jamie & tin, i am also single at the age of 26 and even if i have a man in my life, im still not ready to go on that path yet.. theres a lot of things i still wanna do and if am married, i would have to reconsider all of it. theres so much to compromise when ure married and i wanna be emotionally stable when i walk down the aisle, not to mention financially stable haha.

HanAgiRL said...

What you feel is perfectly normal. My BF then and I were together for 3 years already until we decided to get married. As the big date slowly came, and even until that point that I was walking down the isle. I had this teensy bitsy doubt in my heart. I was actually crying as I walked down the isle because of that doubt. But the wedding still went on.

Now I wish I paid more attention to what I was really feeling then. It wasn't a good marriage, and we got an annulment.

Girl, you really got to think hard before commiting yourself to one man in that sense. It ain't easy and annulment is a b#@*&! Not to mention expensive :)

pObs said...

you can never tell jass, when cupid strikes ur heart, who knows the next minute you can just decide to finally walk down the aisle..

honestly, this things...we can never really tell!

enjoy life as it is..go with the flow, and just like what everybody else said..sOOn it will come! --> when the time is rign!

fjl said...

The one of you is by far the nicest!

thinz said...

it'll happen pag right time na :) happy weekend!

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