Browsing Dreams

I'm browsing through Friendster...and boy a lot of great things are happening to my batch mates. I'm really happy for them because their dreams have been coming true.

But I can't help but be saddened by my fate. I'm still stuck here in the Philippines--still hoping for my dreams to come true.

I am just holding on to these message sent to me by friends...it's a prayer actually:

"Lord when I lose hope because my plans have come to nothing, help me to
remember that your love is always greater than my disappointments and your
plans for my life are always greater than my dreams."


shai said...

do you mind sharing what your dream is Jassy?

btw, email support rep. you'll just answer emails sent by customers. Ü petiks! lol

thinz said...

i'm sure god has great plans for you sis.. take care & goodluck with everything.

CaRL said...

Don't ulet, ndi din naman ganun kadali ang buhay sa ibang bansa.

But just hold on to your faith and I'm sure your time will come if its really for you.

Remember, happiness comes from within and not from the places you've been, people you've met or money you've earned. Smile! There's a lot in store for you.. :)

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