Working Off Duty

The nights are longer now but the weather isn't that cold.

I am being immersed in hot painful water but in only helps to bring out hope that I leisurely savour. I need this hope. I need it so much.

Yesterday, I spent my rest day helping out in our store. It's been a while since I really stayed there for a whole day. It strengthens my dream of opeing my own business that is something to do with food.

But I rewarded myself earlier last Saturday by watching Catwoman. And that movie made me want to have a haircut...but I was afraid. Not yet ready. I value my hair although it's very hard to manage.

I am yearning for a change--the change for the better kind.


Kai said...

Catwoman? Haha, one of the worst films ever. But Halle Berry's worth the time, hope you enjoyed it anyhow. Get a haircut! It'd make you feel better. :)

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