Going Back

I've been going on overtime for 2 working days now. Maybe, that is why I am getting sick--headache has been coming once in a while, my sore throat is still killing me. Maybe, there is just something wrong with our work style. For one, people are more relaxed during the morning like they don't have a care in the world who would fill those trays...and when manongs come to get their meds, that's when cramming starts.

Maybe, I should start talking and commanding people to do what they should do.

My Mom has been so sweet during my stay at our house. We both have sore throat, I believe she got it from me. She lets me have her oranges.

I can be a bitch anytime I want to, but for the past few days I'm choosing not to. It's always better this way.


shai said...

good luck to both of us, ive sore throat for 6 straight weeks now...not really that bad unlike the first 3 weeks but now, i cant even raise my voice...and i can hit the high notes when im singing, and its not the high only-regine-can-reach-it notes ha, ung mga medyo mataas lang...

tin said...

hi jassy! i've been following your entries through my bloglines account, but i didn't have enough time to comment. anyway, i hope you get well soon. :)

btw, my new blog is at http://zen.i.ph. :)

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