A Little for Me

It's now the time to face what I really want to do with my life. I need a change and I am doing my part for this change to happen. As I've said yesterday that I would not push through with the interview this Monday because the employer requires slim employees, and with my bulging stomach, I don't think they'll take me in.

But then, honestly, if I can be really selfish, and if I am rich, I would have taken and tried everything to take that job.

See, the truth is I am a health buff. Really. I always imagine myself eating healthy food particularly fruits. I want to have a great body. I want to move fast. I want to be healthy.

And that company is a picture of perfect health. Their products range from medical supplements to actual healthy foods to beauty healthy products. It's a dream company. And the locations and environments are my dream places. But then I cannot really avoid reality. So I am choosing to stay with my present company.

I know a lot about carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibers, and others. Every food I take, I almost know the composition. I am not getting any younger and the fats accumulating in my body have been harder to eradicate, so I just develop the habit of checking labels.

Anyway, I should allow myself a day to mourn over the loss of an opportunity and hope that life will still give me my dream job.

I am taking what happened as a blessing because it made me realize that I really want to be healthy and to spread knowledge about our health...sharing facts to my co-workers and friends. And that I shoiuld really live healthy, minimize on food that is harmful to my body and choose healthier snacks.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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