Walking at Baywalk

Should I really go for a job which requires me to be slim? I am not slim and based on experience, I need several months of starvation before I can really be slim.

Anyway, I don't think I should go for it.

Yesterday was a fun day. I spent it with Raymond and Malou. All we did was look around for agencies and asked questions (of course). We also did a lot of walking. We walked the different streets in Ermita ending outside Star City.

We appreciated the sunset, talked about life and love which are our all-time favorites. We ate banana cue, cakes, breads while walking along Baywalk.

I also realized that Raymond has unintentionally fixed my broken heart.

Not really in the mood to write.


THINZ said...

wow, that's good to hear na fixed na yung broken heart mo :) ingat lagi. happy weekend!

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