Curled up in a corner, you think what you've done with your life. You think how unlucky you've been. The truth is you brought this to yourself. Filled with regrets, you tried to stand up and dust yourself off. You willingly wait for that moment that life will give you another chance. But instead of going light with your journey, because of your past, you now have a cross to carry. The only way to salvation is to embrace it, carry it, and follow God.

Sometimes your cross can be light, as if it really is weightless, other times, it's as heavy as the world. But you should never lose hope when you can't go on with your journey anymore. You have to hold on. Even if you stop for some time, just keep holding on. Before you know it, your cross will be as light as a feather.

Every action has an equal reaction. What goes around must come around.

Face the consequences. It can hurt you but if you know how to look at it, it can also build you.
Nobody is perfect. Karma goes for everyone.

My oint in this entry is that, we should never stop from living and hoping just because we are in the middle of karma. Instead, we should face it, learn from it, stand up, move on, hope for a better redeemed tomorrow.

Never stop hoping.

Never stop living.


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