Narra no more

My Mom sold our dining table. It's a narra table that has been with us ever since I was 6. It's very big and it wouldn't really fit our dining room and she decided to just sell it to our relatives. But I was surprised. Because she didn't inform me earlier.

Then I automatically went back to those days that that narra table was present. And those memories gave me a prick in my heart.

It's just a furniture. But it made me realize that this life can only happen once. We cannot rewind the past to change the furniture or the events that it has witnessed. Unlike people, the new furniture cannot know about the past, it can only know the present and the future. And that is what's sad.

Anyway, moving on, I am looking forward to buying new table for our dining room. :)


jamie said...

memories memories memories... sarap balikan no... pero life goes on...

looking at the brighter side, once you get the new dining table, you'll make new memories with it. (;

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