All Saints Day

It's been a while. Of course, I've been busy but the main reason is my lack of something to write about.

I'm glad it's already November.

Jessa, Malou, and I hang out last Monday at Rob Place Ermita, our neighbor mall. We talked about love, life, and career. It's nice to talk with them about that stuff and to have people who understands my real situation and still accept me.

I told them about gaining weight and my regrets. My hopes went up when Malou told us that according to the book she was reading that having regrets/acknowledging regret means one is near to becoming successful. I really hope so. And I am holding on to that.

My All Saints Day has been sweet. My brother, a cousin, and Raymond went to the cemetery early to set up the tents. Raymond was left there to guard the tents. I arrived and help out with the final touches. Others arrived minutes later. Then we just stayed there. Eat, talk, lie down, relax, complain about the weather--it was a hot day and the wind is our only hope to alleviate the heat embracing us.

Then it was afternoon already and the intensity of the sun died down. We roamed around the place. We saw interesting tents and mausoleums. There are tents filled with flowers, there was even a tarpaulin of the girl who died. She died at 13. We found a mausoleum with catering services for lunch. The whole package was pretty. They made it look like a wedding or some kind of a party. I was even enticed to approach the mausoleum and pretended to be a friend of the departed just so I could eat there. :)

People who visited Dad's and Lola's grave were fewer as compared last year. But I don't really mind because I celebrated All Saint's Day with the people I love. I celebrated it with my family and with him.

Anyway, to all La Sallians, please pray for Bro. Rafe. He already passed away. May he rest in peace.


jamie said...

wow buti ka pa you had a good holiday/all saints day... gee mine was boring as i said on my blog i just hung on my plateau... procrastinated and then stressed myself to death! hehe

tin said...

i celebrated all saint's day at home. couldn't take a leave from work. sad no?

yup, i heard about bro. rafe last night. i was shocked! at least mr. wilson's in heaven now. :)

yayam said...

no one in particular to visit here in cdo..most of my relatives who have passed away are in bohol..

have a great weekend! :)

THINZ said...

namimiss ko na yung pagpunta ng cemetery pag all saints day.. sayang yung paguwi ko ng pinas, nde abot sa all saints day :(

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