Christmas Parties

Now playing Somewhere only We know by Keane Lifehouse' version. I like the lyrics because I can relate to them.

I had my 3rd Main Pharmacy Christmas party today, though I am a guest today. The turn out is good this year. I was surprised to see a lot of people. The food were overflowing. Prizes given were also useful. I joined in several games and it was funny because I wasn't really exerting any effort to win but just by being with Jhonna, I won with her. I now have an extra pillow and a towel.

I liked how I described my baby...but I was kinda offended with how my mommy described me...I am really conscious with my figure. Anyway, I could see the division in my old area. I used to think that main is united. But maybe, I just didn't see it before or maybe, there really are changes but there are different groups formed already. It's just so sad.

We were also supposed to roam around the mall tonight but they changed their mind and so I just pushed through with my own plan.

Anyway, changes happen whether I like it or not.

On other thoughts...I discovered something about my former crush. If only I could freely talk about it but of course I don't want to hurt anyone although for me I know where I belong and I know that I should never ever cross the line. But I am nonetheless happy with my life.

Anyway, for days I have been really busy with work. Maybe we were just too slow. Or there is something wrong with us but still I couldn't shake this feeling inside me. They have been within me for so long. I am talking about my dreams. And they are screaming inside me. They want to get out and be made into reality. The intensity inside is getting more powerful. Me and my dreams want to break free. We want our freedom to be the best that we can be.

For months, regrets and anger are the sole feelings inside me but now dreams and anger are battling inside me. And I intend to make my dreams win. For some miracle, I can feel God's love now.

It really feels great to love.


aCey said...

hey, jassy! i'm so happy to find your spot... i deleted my old blog, you see and lost everything, including the links. anyway, i have a new ad... hope you'll update my link and that you'll still visit.

happy christmas, gorgeous! ^_^

fjl said...

Merry Christmas and enjoy the break.

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