Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you had a nice and fun christmas.

Me and my cousins planned the menu for noche buena. I think that we are slowly assuming position. Anyway, Christmas really is for kids. I just wish I were able to prepare for that. I know most of the kids in our compound were quite disappointed.

Petty issues surfaced at work and though it was petty, those issues still hurt me. Anyway, I realized that I am still VERY lucky and blessed because my family is very much present in my life, a lot of people love me despite my weaknesses and shortcomings. I may be rejected by almost everyone, but God will always love me and will never reject me ever.

Oh, btw, this Christmas, I also did a little review of my year. I am planning to post my reflection of this year next time.

All in all, my Christmas has been great.


HanAgiRL said...

that's good to hear! now have a blessed new year :)

jamie said...

merry christmas dearie.....
and have a fun filled 2007! muah

Yen Prieto said...

happy new year my dear.. i wish u and ur family all the best for all the yrs to come.. cheers!!!

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