Happy New Year everyone!

2006 has given me lessons in subtle, heavy ways. Although I've spent most of my days in frustration, blessings come in ways not visible to the naked eye that only the heart and soul can understand.

I've met Raymond at the first quarter of the year. I have again ventured into the unknown. While at it, I realized several things about myself. Things that have made me cry and made me stronger. I've made mistakes and tried long and hard to do what is right--not because society says so but because my heart, mind, and soul say so. Meeting Raymond made me go through things I never thought I could surpass.

I was not rich this year. I still couldn't settle down. I am still in my journey of finding out what I want. At 24, I am still very unsure of myself.

I was so unsure of myself that I went to several gimmicks and events. Taught myself how to drink alcohol again.

Cousins from the states visited. I had fun times with them. Forgiving and anger battled inside me.

Careerwise, I have transferred into another area. Bigger challenges now face me. I am still overcoming my temper and compulsions. They speed up my weight gain. And being overweight means becoming unhealthy. Thus, I feel that I have become a monster.

I have failed several times--failed APEC, failed interviews, failed the weight requirement. I have failed so many times but one thing odd is that I only cried once, it's maybe because my heart is still hopeful.

I have met up with old friends. And it amazes me that we are more mature now. Because we used to ignore each other but seeing them now gives me nothing but joy and excitement.

There are also new members in our family: Tintin, Sophia, and Shawn Denzel. Cutie kids.

Simple blessings I have received. I am more comfortable in using the microphone at work. I can modulate my voice. I have learned to appreciate my voice on how important it is to have a strong voice.

I also am more comfortable singing in videokes with friends and acquaintances.

I can show more of my affections especially to kids. Thanks to Raymond, he loves kid and he made me admit to the world that I indeed like kids.

I've become more talkative. I can now say what I want--however, most of the time, I have observed that I go overboard that my voicing out ideas, and feelings put me in trouble.

I am more comfortable with my skin--although I have become really fat, I now find it easier to converse with guys--good-looking guys. Maybe, it's because I am not hopeful of their affection anymore. It's not because I am contented with R but because I have accepted me being single for the rest of my life.

I have read a lot of books, too. They taught me wisdoms that I was able to share with others--thanks to unlimitxt!!!

2006 continuously bombard me with challenges with steady motion and instead of giving up--I become more thankful of the blessings--be it small or big--my life has been quite thorny but it's even more beautiful.

My wish for this year and for the coming years is that I may always follow God's will. I wouldn't be hopeful if not for God.


shai said...

its nice to know that you're still there coping up after all the challenges youve been through last 2006, i hope you'd stay the same strong girl that you are this 2007 jassy! =)

maan said...



May this year be a better one that 2006. God bless!

kaluskos said...

may party sa mansion!!! invited ka...kundi maca-cancel... hehehe

Yen Prieto said...

happy happy new year sis! im wishin u all the best this year, the courage and strength to surpass all the trials that will come your way. always be strong and continue to trust in HIM. god bless.

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