Million Thanks

There's no turning back to being 25. If I had a choice, I would choose to turn back time and be 20 again. Being 25 means being an adult. You're no longer in between. Future is here. And it hurts to know that at 25 I'm still very unstable. People say that I should marry now that I'm 25, but it's not yet on my mind right now. Career is my priority right now. And I hope this year, I will be able to finally say to myself that I am successful with my career.

I thought my birthday yesterday would be boring--but then Nanay Metring rescued it by locking herself up in our room causing commotions to us outside. It was scary but funny.

Important people in my life took part in my celebration. I was able to spend time with myself, with God, and with my family, and loved ones.

To all those who remembered my special day, a million THANKS to all of you.


fjl said...

happy birthday and much love x

shai said...

belated happy birthday Jassy!

oo nga ako im turning 24 this April, haay, and up till now unstable pa din, i just envy my batchmates na sobrang dami na nilang na achieve..

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