Something New

Here's another layout that I have discovered through Abbie's . Anyway, things have been pretty okay with Nanay. Nothing that serious.

I am supposed to make big leaps now that I am 25. Everyone of my classmates is successful now except for me. I don't want to pity myself but I can't help it.

I just wish they hadn't given up on me. I would have passed that APEC exam if only...


I hate it.


Yen Prieto said...

of course u r successful, dont think that u are a failure compared to ur friends. regrets are just a waste of time, u cannot undo the past anymore. the future is yet to come. TODAY is your life...

aCey said...

hey, ate jassy! cool new layout... cute, too. ice age? ^_^ hope you're fine. go, go, go!

THINZ said...

don't think you are a failure.. you're still young.. goodluck! take care

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