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A mother does everything to make sure that her offspring's life won't be that miserable. We owe a lot to our mothers. But the truth is, they are not really asking for anything in return but our love.

Last Saturday, we celebrated our fiesta. There were the usual stuff--almost the same food. The difference now is that there are lots of relatives who helped out. Also, Nanay Metring was there. Since Nanay is currently staying with us, we expected that more people would visit us. Fiesta has been successful.

But the next day I an unexpected thing happened to Nanay Metring. We had our lunch late already. It has been that or bilo-bilo must had been bad for her but that after lunch, she was walking inside the house towards our room and I heard her calling out my name and asking if I could carry her toward he room. I went to her and as soon as I held her, she lost consciousness. I panicked. Not knowing what to do. She was so heavy that I couldn't carry her. Ate Margie and I couldn't carry her. Good thing my brother was there to carry her. Athan's a nursing student so I left her with him while looking for the sphygmomanometer and calling Ate Chari. My relatives went there in an instant since we are just living in one compound. Her bp was fine but her blood sugar level was not. And she was speaking in an "unknown" language. It looked like she was having a delirium. They decided to bring her to the hospital. I was kinda reluctant at first but by observing her, it was odd that she was not really conscious. It looked like she did not really know what she was doing. So going to the hospital is the best thing.

Then here comes the MOST DISAPPOINTING stuff. Nobody wanted to stay with her at the hospital. They had their excuses. So my Mom and Mary Rose decided to stay with her. The thing is I have work today and my work is in Manila. I had to wake up early today just to travel back here. Plus, I had a bad case of diarrhea. I wanted to stay with her but I couldn't.

Nakakainis lang na walang anak niya ang gustong magbantay sa Nanay except for my Mom. Eh may sakit na rin yun na di siya dapat mapuyat. Kung sa Lipa lang ang work ko sana ako na lang nagbantay. Nakakainis ang dami nilang excuses eh pwedeng pwede naman silang magbantay.

Of course, hindi pa rin ako talaga excuse pero siguro naaawa rin ako sa kanya kase matapos niyang matulungan ang mga anak niya, iniwan na nila at pinabayaan ang Nanay. Umiiyak nga ang Mommy eh. Awang-awa siya sa Nanay. Kase parang inaayawan nila ang responsibilidad nila sa Nanay. Naaawa rin ako sa Nanay. Bothered din ako. Feeling ko kase yun na ang huling araw na matino ang Nanay. feeling ko kase tuluyan na siyang pumasok sa senescence. Kahit makulit yun at masakit magsalita, may point naman siya.

We go through our physical life in stages. If we are lucky, we can reach the senescence. It's awful but it's the way life is. People start from being helpless to being useful then back to being helpless again. Nanay's senescence is now. And with all the love and sacrifices she has done for her offspring, it is just right that they pay her with love, care, and attention. Now is the time to do that. She is not really asking for anything but those.

May we be able to show our love, care, and respect for our mothers, and to our elders. We are young now but time will come when we, too, will be just like them.


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