Take, Take, Whatever

Because I told them that I wouldn't come to the wake of Maam Emma's mother, my boss told me that I would be left behind while they would leave early to reach Batangas. I declared it to be unfair and so I decided to go with them on Friday.

Sometimes, I just can't keep my mouth shut. I just have to say what I feel. Just like last night at Chowking. I swear, I will never eat there again.

Customer service in the Philippines sucks! But CS at Chowking is the worst!

Enough of that...I'm trying to upload lots of music but I'm a newbie. What's a torrent anyway? How do you make it play music? Can someone help me please?

I've read something about Ophrah's journal. I'm quite curious but then it's a personal journal online. What's the point of doing an online journal when you don't want to share it with others? Better buy a notebook and write down your thoughts. These go also for the celebrities especially artists, you make yourself seen so therefore, people will recognize you. They can either like you, or not, or they can be indifferent. It's just natural that your privacy will be invaded. As long as you are not being stalked, and no nude fake pictures of you or no bad rumors of you are happening, then take that consequence.


aCey said...

hey, ate jassy! i so agree that customer service in the pinas is bad. especially in government offices and stuff. teehee... i dunno about chow king, though; i only tried the food/place thrice. ^_^ hope all will go well for you! god bless!

shai said...

i couldnt agree more, pero ano bang nangyari sa Chowking?

Yen Prieto said...

im afraid i have to agree with regards to the CS in pinas... it has been bad.. and its getting worse... tsk tsk...

noreen said...

Hi Jassy! Just droppin' by

PS: U R SO RIGHT! CS sa Pinas sucksssssss!

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