This week has been full of weird patients. It's a fact that hospitals are full of sick people but of course I am not really expecting to see some of the weird cases like TB, leprosy, burn victim, and the latest--gangrene.

This afternoon, there was a man in his late fifties shouting for water. I thought he was lunatic and he just escaped from ward seven (psychiatric ward). Then Maam Ana saw that the man was shouting for water because he had pooped in one of our benches. He has gangrene on both his feet and he could not walk that fast. While waiting for his medicines, maybe he felt he needed to go to the bathroom but he knew he couldn't make it and so he just pooped right then and there.

It's gross, I know but I could not help but pity him. We are lucky we are not in his situation. Instead of being mad, I felt bad because I didn't really believe that that situation is possible. Poverty, ignorance--these are the causes. One of my officemates commented that we should send the man to Malacanang--pero naman parang may magagawa yun sa lahat ng mahihirap sa mundo. Come on, self first before others. Philippine government is just corrupted to the very core. Anyway, good thing one of the philcare/utility worker helped him and gave him a pail of water. We also gave him an alcohol.

Ang lolo dun pa naghubad sa harapan ng mga tao. Dun din sa bench na iyon. In Nicole-Eala's words (DJ of Love Radio kelangan pa bang imemorize yan...) "nakakalerkei to the maximum levelecious" Then he decided to transfer to another bench after mag-poopoo. Syempre yung mga tatabihan niya sana nag-alisan. Grabecious ito!

Today is really a different afternoon. I realize again for the nth time that I really am lucky for the many blessings in my life. I may not have much of knowledge or money, but I have a family and I have someone who recently told me that I am his life...nakanang! I just hope that these patients won't infect us with whatever diseases they have. I'd rather serve than be served.

But what if you were in that difficult situation--the bible says that you should not worry. God is so powerful that His word can create every possibility. His word created the world remember? And besides, Jesus came to earth and promise us salvation. He will never forsake us. And someday, we will all be able to be with Him in heaven.


shai said...

oo nga, nakakaawa naman yung matanda :( h

at tama ka sis, mas gusto ko na na ako yung tumulong kaysa naman ako yung tutulungan at nasa ganung situation

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