My weekend went well. Able to attend the mass. That's good. Talked with relatives. Talked with Mom. Nanay Metring is now better.

But there's the tension that I cannot avoid any longer. Until the confrontation. It hurts to know that the people who loves you and whom you love can really hurt you.

Simple words can hurt especially when it's true and most especially when some things said may not be true.

Right now, I want my peace.

I just want to be alone.

If all good things come to an end, all bad things do, too. I can do this.


shai said...

Anong confrontation yun Jassy?

aCey said...

hey, ate jassy. i can relate to this post... my parents and i don't communicate well and they say things that hurt. maybe i hurt them with words, too. anyway, i hope all will go well with you. you're right: you can do it!

THINZ said...

hey jassy.. ganyan lang siguro tlaga, kahit sino can hurt us, but it hurts more pag yung love pa natin ang nakaka hurt... well, i hope things will be better.. ingat!

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