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Lately, I've been spending time with Jhonna and Brenty at the Med Lib. It's actually my favorite library in my school but somehow I find myself preferring to stay at Uni Lib instead. Maybe because I can't really make noise in Med Lib, or maybe it's because I don't want my old frustration to come back. But a day after lang, my frustration came back.

I always want to be a doctor. Or a med student. Being a med student is one of the best life in the world. Yeah there are sleepless nights from studying and everything related to that. Yeah there are difficult times in internship, but just by observing them--okay! How I wish I am rich.

It's stressful to process meds especially if I am not familiar with the price. It really takes getting used to.

Anyway, cns/ans has always been one of the topics that I really want to understand but is to lazy to try. But I get a hold of a hand-out about it. Concise and complete. Too bad the font is boring and small. You'll feel sleepy right away just by looking at it. But once you get the hang of it--okay na.

Sana nga there is still hope.


fjl said...

follow your dreams.

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