Just for the sake of...

It's been a while since I last posted anything here. Well, just for the sake of updating here I am.

Life has been bittersweet as usual. I am finally able to admit that I am inlove with him.

Then I happen to come across profiles of my friends on friendster. And it made me depressed. They are all successful in their careers. They seem to be happy. And ako...I am happy but there are still a lot missing in my life. A lot.

Anyway, bakit ganun...dati ako yung gustung-gustong umalis ng bansa. Sabi ko sa sarili ko ako ang mauunang umalis sa mga kaibigan ko. Pero heto, isa-isa na silang nag-aalisan at ako na lang ang naiwan. Kung sino pa ang mga di ko inakalang aalis ng bansa (kase nakikita ko namang masaya na sila dito at okay na ang kalagayan nila dito) eh sila pa ang mga umalis. At ako, andito pa rin ako.

How ironic talaga!

Ganun ba talaga ang buhay?

Anyway, yesterday I watched my brother and his band Morsel performed in an acoustic band contest. From their practice, I have observed that they weren't really ready, kumbaga kulang pa sa practice. But still, the contest was a good exposure. Since the contest time was early I decided to watch them in SM Lipa. They were the 2nd to play. Their performance was generally okay but the speaker and balancing wasn't okay. Oh well, acoustic is new to them. Rock is really their forte.

I bought perfumes after the contest. They didn't win of course but that's okay.

I also happen to watch a war movie on my way to work today. People are in different shit. We all have our own problems. It's just a matter of how well you carry or how well you can wipe that shit out of your life.

Heart's day is coming. I am not really expecting anything sweet but I just hope that v-day will be fun for me.


Yen Prieto said...

siguro it is a sign na kelangan umalis ka n dn ng pinas hehehe...

THINZ said...

advance happy valentine's day! http://www.masungit.org/MALDITAH/THINZ/BannersCollages/HeartGreeting.jpg
just a lil somethin for you :) take care!

aCey said...

heart's day is here, it's today and happy valentine's day to you, ate jass. enjoy your vday! ^_^ you deserve it.

THINZ said...

dumadaan lang po.

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