Holy Week

How's your vacation? Have you spent it reflecting on God's love for you?

Last year my Holy week has been really different from last year. Last year I was trying to help foreigners about their sexual problems but this year, I was at home watching dvds and dawdling.

I should be happy now because I am far from the messed up girl last year but I don't think I am really any different from last year. However, last year I really fell hard because of that failure that changed my life. This year, I was seeing another opportunity and I really hope it will wok out.

I amstill in a state of confusion and depression--the bitchy kind of depression like I don't care what you think I will continue to pity mysely because of the other aspects in my life. Angry and depressed. Bad news! Adding up to these is worrying about my brother. I hope things will get better soon.

But I was able to attend Good Friday's procession and there were at least 10,000 Lipenos who attended the procession. I was so proud of them.

And Black Saturday was about adventure going to Tagaytay through The Talisay route--lots of zigzags and uphills. Scary while overlooking the Taal lake like you can really touch it. Then after that scary ride, we went around Tagaytay eating at that cheap restaurant which wasn't cheap at all. And 100 peso parking fee for just 11 minutes. And that Paradizoo experience sana but we decided not to go there because of long line and expensive entrance fee. Then we also tried the Mushroom Burger and it was okay but I am not really into mushrooms--I am even afraid of them. We finally went to Calleruega. The place was beautiful. The chapel, dormitories, halls, flowers, sheep, stations of the cross--in Ifugao inspired artistry, and most of all the falls and the hanging bridge. We had a great time crossing the bridge--not really because I was afraid of crossing the bridge. It made me lose my balance. Roaming that place is good for the soul and for the body.


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