Summer and Lessons

Summer is over. Rainy days are here. That means dirty clothes and shoes because of flooded streets. I hate rainy days even if it's cold during this season. Rainy days made me OC ever since that stormy night.

And summer has always been pretty good to me. No matter how many times I complained about huimidity. No matter how many times I took a bath in the dark because of power interruptions. Summer has always been good. Summer has always given me hope. Every summer is unique. Every summer is special. Every summer gives me lessons. This year one thing I've gained is self-awareness. I finally figured out why I've been OC all along. And I also realized that I'm tougher--kinda meaner. I've changed a lot. I'm no longer timid. I can be described as "palaban". I hate this description. But I think I have become this way because I really feel like and I have observed that I can never really rely on anyone. That I can't depend on anyone but myself. That no one will defend me and so I must be tough. I must take care of myself. My intentions are still good but people can't really abuse my kindness--not for long.

I sometimes hate myself for being stubborn and so impatient but I am happier now. So long summer. And I can say that this is it--now is the time to start achieving my goals. God, please please help me.


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