When your body betrays you...

L.C. is one of our frequent customer/patient. And it's been several months now since he ran errands for some offices in our workplace. But recently he suffered from hyponatremia (low Na levels in the body). He is a kidney transplant patient so there is always the risk that his body will give up on him. He was not able to come to our workplace for several weeks. And this afternoon, he came to our workplace. It was nice seeing him because he was nice. But then he talked with us and that was when I saw the change. He could not really speak that fast--like he had a stroke. It was heartbreaking to see someone so strong before but not anymore. I never saw my Aunt Lagreng like that when she was suffering from her kidney problem. I never saw Dad like that except when he had that stroke that put him into coma. I've been working in that institution for almost three years now. I've been passing by it ever since college. I've seen sick people but it's different when the person suffering is familiar to you. I may be mataray at work but I nearly cried when I heard him speak. I guess, I've carried that ache until now that prompted me to blog. I was supposed to be studying now or having a hair cut but then...I just have to let this out.


fjl said...

It's always sad to see a broken giant.

Lica said...

It's really hard to deal with sick people coz you cant help but get affected, lalo na pag kilala mo yung may sakit at mas lalo na pag close kayo. that's one thing i dont like bout my profession kasi madali talaga akong maaffected sa mga problema ng ibang tao. id probably feel the same way as you if i were in your place :(

nga pala, di ako pwede sa australia kasi kelngan pa ng further studies dun eh, tapos mahal ang eductaion dun. sa NZ, training lang for 2 months at covered na rin yun sa fees na babayaran dito so di masyadong mabigat :)

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