1. Election day is over. According to stat, this has been a peaceful election but I don't think so. I couldn't believe that people would think of putting schools on fire to stop the counting and causes confusion to people. I couldn't believe that people could resort to killing their competitor just to win the election.

This election I have been really involve in the sense that I am more aware of it. I even went to the nearest school in my hometown just to watch the counting of votes.

2. Anyway, I am again in this heart breaking situation. They can try to put me down. But I promise this time I will be better than them.

3. I have been sick these past few days. It only rained once and I immediately caught a cold. Now I can't smell anything therefore I can't taste anything and I am more deaf than ever.

4. I am glad that God finally gave Doraemond a blessing. I hope he won't waste it this time.

5. I accompanied my Mom in voting at our old barangay. I saw familiar people. Most of them are bigger and fatter like they are already married. It's great to see them once again. And I realize that I can still manage to smile--a lot.


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