This morning there was a customer who used to be an employee in my company. She was a dietitian/aide. During her service/stay in our company she was not like by almost everyone because she wasn't giving enough food during meals making everyone feel like they were prisoners instead of employees. Madamot is the term they use to describe her. Then years later, she is back because she has to be operated (hysterectomy). And according to M.E.'s observation, other employees are asking for a payback in that they are giving her a hard time with the processes. Instead of thinking she deserves those, I even feel sorry for her. She served at that company her whole life and now that she is in need, people choose to remember her faults rather than her strenghts. Why do people have to do immature things?

Anyway, she makes me feel that I will be like her someday and I really hope I won't be treated like her. I've been nice and I am not unfair so no one has the right to mistreat me in any way. But then again, people think in different ways. But I still have faith in people.

Hey, anyone here who knows any institution or person teaching mandarin--basic lang naman. Thanks!


shai said...

I pity the woman too. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly. I think she's not madamot, she's just doing her job

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