The Frog...and the Princess


So used-to-be frog prince went to sat by the pond one day and there he saw frogs merrily singing, hopping, and swimming. He thought, "It is nice to be a prince but I am sad. " And then as if she heard his thoughts, a female frog hopped near him, stared at him, and stayed there.

"I used to be like you, "he told the female frog, " no I'm a prince but I am lonely. I don't know what to do. My princess is waiting for me so we could finally be together. But I feel like I could not take it anymore. I wish I could swim, and hop, and sing, and play in the rain--it's lonely to be a prince."

And since he used to be a frog, when the female frog croaked in response, he understood what she was saying:

" You can always go here to be with us. I'll accompany you in your loneliness. I'll be your friend."

And they became friends. Friendship deepen and before they knew it, they have fallen for each other. One day, when the prince could not take the pain of loneliness anymore and when the frog was really attached to him, the frog told the prince, "Why don't you be with me forever? We'll play, and hop, and sing, and swim all day in the pond. It's happy to be a frog."

Then the prince kissed the frog. And he became a frog once more. (Pareho silang naging palaka!...bitter) And they lived their happily ever after.

Upon hearing the news, the princess cried and cried. She vowed never to go near a pond again in fear of meeting another frog just like the prince. She decided instead to roam the forest hoping to discover herself deeply.

Alone in the forest, she was hoping to meet someone who will love her and who will never ever leave her. She is a princess, with dreams and goals and she needs someone who will let her be her and will even follow her. Day and night she prayed. Until one day it was finally answered.

She arrived at this thick forest which seemed to be enchanted. People say that it was a nice forest but she was afraid to enter it. But out of curiosity, she went inside it. In the forest she saw an abandoned castle. It was night time and she needed a place to stay. Inside the castle, no one was around--only appliances. But out of exhaustion, she decided to stay for a while. But when she decided to finally leave, she could not leave anymore. She was stuck and later on she saw this humongous beast. She was definitely afraid. She wanted to flee but there was no way out. Because she was afraid to be devoured, she tried to study the situation and the characteristic of the beast. Day and night she also prayed. But instead of letting her escape, it seemed like the heaven was just telling her that this was another mission--tame the beast, teach him how to love. The beast used to be a prince but because he wasted his chance, he was cursed to be a beast. The only way to bring him back is to make him love sincerely. Only true love can set him free and it will also set her free. If she fails to help him then there is always the chance that she will be a beast just like him. (Horror story na ito hindi na fairy tale...hehe)

Will she succeed? She has yet to find out. Until now, the princess is still in the enchanted castle, everyday trying to help the beast. Sometimes she sees glimpse of hope that the beast can finally turn into a prince. And everyday she is also learning to stay on and try not to believe that she is doomed to be like the beast. Happily ever after doesn't only happen at the end of the story--it can happen anytime.

The End.


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