In every lovestory is a fairytale with a twist. Here is mine:

A long time ago in a far away land, a princess sat alone by the pond. Watching hundreds of frogs swimming along. Some of them were croaking, while others were hopping until this one frog hopped near her and stopped in front of her. She was not really afraid of the frog but she found it weird that it stood there in front of her looking at her sad eyes.

"Why are you staring at me?" she asked the frog. But it was a foolish question because frogs could not speak, they could only croak.

Ignoring the frog, she continued sitting therewallowing in self-pity, tears streaming down her face. Then suddely, to make her snap out of her thoughts, the frog croaked out loud, catching the princess attention. She saw the frog dancing (more of like hopping) and singing (croaking) desperate to make her laugh. It was successful, the princess was now interested with the frog. So from that day on, the princess went to the pond just to be near and be amazed by the frog.

Their friendship blossomed into something deeper. Although it was a frog, the princess believed in fairy godmothers and magics and that frogs can turn into a prince. Several months after, they both got the courge of revealing their feelings. And after the princess gave the frog a kiss, the frog turned into a prince. It was supposed to be a "living happily ever after" after that. But they had to part ways to make sure that they would not be living in a pond. Off they went separately--each trying to hold on to each other's love. But out of loneliness, one day, the prince went to the pond. be continued


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looking forward to the continuation of the story :)


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