Finally...A closure

After almost 2 years of pain, anger, and regret over what i have done--finally I have my closure tonight. I keep on saying that life is okay, that I am happy. That everything is okay. I moved on. Make a life of my won. I try to reach and live my dreams. But at the back of my mind--I am still waiting for that one thing he still is not doing. Should I wait for that? Finally, the cance came but he forgot.

Being hurt can only be mend by a sincere sorry. Don't I deserve his sorry? And one disturbing dream last night is all it takes to finally have the guts to admit and tell him that he has been an asshole and he has hurt me a lot--bigtime. But not anymore. That whether I get to hear that sorry or not--I am already okay. And now I can say that I have completely moved on.

And I know that from now on--things will be better.


janeca said...

That's good--no more loose ends. I'm happy for you. :)

carmigz said...

Though apparently, clueless ako sa subject ng iyong post, it's good to know na you have moved on na po. I think applicable naman sa lahat ng kaso yun eh.

Pag moved on na, things do become better. Parang ako. Moved on na sa fact na mas pinili kong sunurin yung parents ko na mag La Salle ako over UP (talagang ayoko magbigay ng love life example noh? hahaha!!). Kaya ok na ako in a way ngayon.

Buti naman ok ka na. =)

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