The risk and my angels

My brother was admitted last saturday in the hospital due to gastroenteritis. My supposed-to-be career weekend was instead spent watching him. I don't mind but then it would have been better if I could just hang out with him at home instead of him being sick. He is now better.

Him being sick paved the way for me to realize some greatt miracles and blessings in my life because Grace' Mom to chat with my Mom--we teased my brother about his "in-laws" approving of him. Anyway, in one of the topics that my mom and grace' mom talked about, mom told her that while I was still in her womb, she had an accident. She slipped and fell on her butt. She thought that I would have a cleft lip but it was a miracle or I guess I was just lucky because i looked normal. I realized that I had always been a fighter--a survivor. I guess, God loves me so much and that my angel/s is/are very much skilled--special angels because they really took care of me. But then again, maybe mom's accident caused me to be oc. But then I remembered that I recently discovered the root cause of my oc-ness. It started when I was in grade one. It was a long story but the important thing is, mom's accident did not cause that liability in me.

I guess, God really did give me special angel or angels because I would be a very stubborn kind. When I was in kindergarten, our sitter would not let me go to our store and that my younger brother was the only one she would bring, that time we lived near the public market where our store was located. it was just a 5-minute ride or a 15-minute walk. I was really begging her to take me with them I was also asking my lola's approval to let me go with the sitter. But they both refused. I was crying and mad but they just ignored me. I was I think starving that time that was why I wanted to go with them to our store because with Mom around, I know I won't starve. Minutes of crying turned into urge to go to the market. I just couldn't shake off that urge. That time, I already knew how to go to our store. But they did not know that yet. I was kinda afraid because I had to cross the street in going there. Buses still passed inside the town proper and I really did not know how to cross very busy street. I was only 5 that time. It was a miracle that by the time I was crossing the street, no vehicle or only few small vehicles were passing by. I think na there were also several adults crossing the street and I guess I crossed with them. I was wearing a bakya and my umbrella was open pa naman. Ibang trip ko talaga nung bata ako. After that I was able to go to our store--safely. Everyone was shocked to see me there. They asked me a lot of questions. Of course, I got scolded--a little but I think they were more relieved rather than mad at me. I guess, they also realized that I wouldn't get lost anymore. Mom told me not to do that craziness again. But when I was in 6th grade, I did it again. This time I was mad at her for not giving me the fare to get home. She wanted me to stay with her at the store the whole day. It was a Sunday and I just wanted to go home and rest after attending the mass. I was wearing a dress pa naman with matching ruffled socks and white shoes. From our store to our home, I walked. That time we were already living in air baser--a 15 minute ride. I thought I would walk the whole day just to reach home but I did it in 30 minutes. I was proud of myself. And once again, my parents scolded me upon learning what I did. Biro nga nila sa akin, kapag college naman daw ako, magalalakad din daw ba ako from manila to lipa. Sana hindi, naisip ko noon. It was again a miracle how no one tried to harass me while walking the busy and dangerous highway. they again told me not to do that again.

I have always been a risk-taker. Little did my parents know but I have made a lot of "craziness" in my life. I don't do bungee jumping and any other extreme sports but most of the time I am forced to live or to be in a dangerous situation. The biggest risk I did so far, was choosing to study college here in Manila. Everyday is a risk I have to make. Will I still survive the next day? What if...? And every waking day is a miracle.

Grabe, God really loves me talaga. I want to thank him for taking care of me. I also want to thank my angels kase I know that I may be unruly most of the time but still they do their best to protect me. I hope they will continue to guard me against anything or anyone that is wanting to hurt me.


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yes, he loves you!

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