Mr. 2010

I sometimes forget that Raymond reads this blog pala. This morning I was surprised to read a message from him asking if he was the one I would be marrying in 2010. Hehe...Raymond talaga oo.

I am busy these past few days. Having few resources made me limit myself to activities which would not strain my budget. And so I learned to appreciate every little blessings that come my way. And also I realize that tv is really evil.

Tv is evil. Yeah--because when I start to sit in front of it, I couldn't move anymore. I'm glued. That's why I am not able to accomplish different things. Good thing there is no tv in my boarding house--the landlady has but we are not really allowed to use it--takas lang minsan. Kaya nga from now on I will limit my tv watching. I won't open it unless I am finished with my tasks.

Anyway, is there a law against those who discriminate you just because of your weight? Please help. Thanks!


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