Ganito talaga kapag umeedad na...

I need to sit down, relax and reflect about my life. Right now I am confused. Things should be better right now. Maybe, I'm doing it wrong.

Sometimes I ask myself if people are happy with what they are doing and if they are happy knowing that they have caused others dreams to crash down. Can they even sleep at night? I may be a bit mataray before but I don't put other people down. I try to save their butts. And I hate it when people put someone they know in trouble rather than save them.

Oh my, my life has been becoming boring. Is this a sign of getting old? Life should be full of adventures. Anyway, I still don't know what to really do with my life--career wise. I know that I want to help my family but then when and how? Or is now just a time when I am pressured by people. It's like wherever I go people are expecting me to do things that they say I should do. I always like to think that I am free but how can I be free when I am not totally independent. Can we really be independent? I envy those people who are actually living their dreams right now. And it makes me think when I will start living my own. Maybe, I can live it right now. I just have to realize which of those is really my ultimate dream.


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