The Difference

Performing artists are the same as any other human being. They too have hang-ups. They are also imperfect just like the rest of us. But you know the difference between them and us? It's when they go on stage, show their talent that makes them superior in that given time.

I believe that everyone has their talent to show. I also believe that we are all equal regardless of the amount of talent that we have. We only become momentarily superior when we show our talent. When we write, draw, sing, dance, show kindness, listen to others, sacrifice for the sake of others, those are some of the moments we can be superior if not to others then to ourselves. Those are some of the moments that we can be the best that we can be.

Such as the case of Bamboo last Thursday. It was one of the main events of PGH Centennial Celebration. Waiting for them and watching them perform while I was carrying my umbrella, trying to shield myself and my friends from the rain was worth it. I heard their talent fee was over a hundred thou...but then again, it was worth it. They played all of their popular songs.

Last Thursday, PGH employees also showed their talents in dancing, and singing. There was even one doctor who proposed to his girlfriend in between their performance. It was sweet.

I would have wanted to perform also, but then, I had no chance to show my dancing skill if I even have one. :) Anyway, I have observed that our department seemed to have little part in the activities. I wish we could be more active next time.

Anyway, the lesson here is, we should always share our talents with others.


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