Good Things nung 2007

Despite the heartaches...my year wasn't that bad.

1. Took a chance on my career again. Hopefully, I will be successful this time.
2. Finished reading several books.
3. Went to Tagaytay with my family (and with Raymond)
4. Watched a lot of tv series...finished smallville, srcubs, ugly betty...
5. Went to the beach with the people at work. Able to ride a boat again.
6. Went to Antipolo church with my relatives...I am grateful for another May that we are still almost complete.
7. My brother graduated from nursing school
8. I attended lots of symposiums and journal clubs
9. Had my closure from my first relationship.
10. Finally let people handle my hair...mom is finally relieved.
11. My very first 1st-degree pamangkin on the way...
12. New phone...:) new bed cushion
13. More of a multiplier now than a blogger
14. More meet-ups with friends.

Happy New Year!!!


monch said...

Hey Jassy! Here's to a blessed 2008! :)

Lica said...

More happy memories than sad ones! Cheers to MORE AND MORE happy times this year! =)

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