Happy Birthday Aliza

The title doesn't really have anything to do with the content of this post, but it's my friend's birthday today hapy birthday Alits! Thanks for the phone call this morning.

I wanted to have this pair of shoes...I've been meaning to buy it for quite some time, and when I finally had the time--instead of buying that exact pair on my mind, I chose a different pair--same shape but not shiny. Did I regret buying it? No. Because shiny shoes will not be fashionable soon and so I might not be able to use it--but the shoes I bought was just right.

I wanted to watch Pasukob this afternoon because I was so brokenhearted that i wanted to feel good. But I chose to follow Maymee's advice and went for Enchanted. I didn't laugh out loud but the movie gave me hope--that sometimes we didn't end up with the person we wanted to be with, but the person meant for us won't be so bad. Although, I clearly don't have the right to write those lines because I am barely standing from a broken heart.

The point is, we may not always get what we want, but we always end up with something or someone better. And unless we are really with that someone or something we are meant to have, then circumstances will happen until we finally are with our "destiny".


Melita, The Grand Puppet Mistress said...

hay, those thoughts visit me...very frequently... :D

aCey said...

*hugs* i hope your heart feels better again, soon. and that god will send some1 to glue those pieces back, ate j. :)

lica said...

i hope im as optimistic as you to realize that there will be something better when we lose someone or something. dont stop believing =)

Melita, The Grand Puppet Mistress said...

you're right...there's always something better waiting for us. and the best part is when it finally comes and catches you unaware. to have that happen to me...that would be super!

Lica said...

i want shiny shoes. kahit alam kong mawawala din siya sa uso. pero i havent found the perfect pair. siguro something shiny red heehe

nao said...

HAPPY HOLIDAYS Jas.. thanks for stopping by my blog often, appreciate it.

dumaan para bumati, muah!!!

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