Kuya Herry

He was so much present during my childhood. He helped us out in our store. He lived with us, until his wife followed him from Nasugbu. And he and his family all lived with our Tita Rose. Then I became busy with studies and work and I seldom see him.

The last time I saw him was during Lola's funeral--I guess. He was still well and "healthy" looking.

Last Saturday I could have visited him at the hospital. But knowing that the doctor has already talked with us that he was just waiting for the time, and knowing that I couldn't do much to help him, and that I kinda hated seeing any of my relatives at the ICU because it reminded me of Dad, and because I was just lazy, I decided not to visit him, hoping that he would make it.

But again, I was wrong.

He's with Dad, Lola, Lolo now. Maybe they're all busy catching up.

To you Kuya Herry, sorry for not visiting you at the hospital. But it's better to keep a memory of you as a healthy man. May you rest in peace and be with the Lord in paradise.


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