Locus of Control

There are people who blame others—other people, the universe, fate of what happens in their lives. Then there are those who put their destiny in their own hands—self-made people. They think that they can change their situation—people who know the secret.

I'm just glad that I took the Management subject because I get to learn about these things.=)


Russ said...

Ayoko ng mga tao na mahilig manisi. In my old job, ganun ang kultura at sistema ng mga tao. As if hindi sila nagkakamali. Pag palpak, hindi sila ang may kagagawan. Pag maganda ang kinalabasan, lahat ng praises, inaangkin nila.

Come on, we have to be responsible and be accountable for our actions & decisions.

ace said...

so true. i didn't know better before and blamed the world for my misery and it only made me more miserable. got fed up and decided to try something else. it's working. :D

great news, jassy!

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